Group 2 Automotive Batteries

3D rendering of the BCI (Battery Council International) Group 2 battery for cars and trucks.

Electrical Specifications:
6 Volts
350 - 650 Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)
135 - 230 Reserve Capacity Minutes
Symmetric Polarity

Mechanical Specifications:
Length: 10 3/8" (26.4 CM)
Width: 7 1/8" (18.1 CM)
Height: 9 3/8" (23.8 CM)
Body Style: Traditional with Flat Classical top
Terminals: Symmetric Top Post STD/SAE
Flanges: None


   We measure battery power with two numbers: Voltage and Capacity.  All 2 batteries provide 6 Volts and strong international standards have made sure that everyone agrees on what Voltage means and how to measure it.  Capacity, however, varies between manufacturers and brands.  To complicate matters further, we measure automotive battery capacity in a variety of ways.
   Capacity measures the number of electrons a battery can provide.  In general, we measure battery capacity in amp hours, or watt hours, however, in automotive applications, we care more about how much electrical power a battery can supply instantaneously to start the engine.  We measure this instantaneous power in CA, Cranking Amps, and CCA, Cold Cranking Amps.  Batteries store chemical energy and release it through temperature sensitive chemical reactions.  In cold climates, we only care about CCA, because they report how much instantaneous power the battery can supply at zero degrees Fahrenheit.  When new, Group 2 batteries must provide a minimum of 350 CCA and a maximum of 650 to meet standards but many manufacturers exceed the requirements.
   Modern vehicles increasingly rely on their batteries to power peripheral electrical features like sound and entertainment systems, navigation computers, USB ports, light bars, winches, inverters, communications devices, and countless other specialized electrical equipment.  We call these features deep cycle applications because they draw smaller amounts of power over longer time periods.  We measure deep cycle capacity in Amp Hours or Reserve Capacity Minutes.  To meet specifications, new group 2 batteries must provide at least 135 Reserve Capacity Minutes and a maximum of 230 but many batteries exceed these capacity requirements.


   Group 2 batteries have Traditional body shapes with overall dimensions of: 10 3/8" X 7 1/8" X 9 3/8" or 26.4 CM X 18.1 CM X 23.8 CM.  The 9 3/8" (23.8 CM) height includes the Flat Classical top and the terminals plus any protruding acid caps, but not any raised lifting straps or handles.
   Vehicles can fasten group 2 batteries with top mounted hold down straps/bars, and connect electrically via leads fit for Symmetric Top Post STD/SAE terminals.

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