About BatteriesAndCarKeys.com

The community of Utah County has a long history of neighborly good will, family values, and caring service.  Many factors make this a great place to live, but most of all, our community distinguishes us from anywhere else on earth.  The author of batteriesandcarkeys.com continues our generous traditions by compiling years of experience with automotive batteries and car keys into this blog in the hopes that it will help Utah County families find the best value for their time and money.

While evaluating battery and other automotive solutions, this blog prioritizes factors in the following order:
  1. Value for money, e.g.  quality of product relative to price.
  2. Quality guarantees, e.g.  warranties.
  3. Quality of Service.
If you have any questions, feedback, success stories, or concerns, please email the author of this blog at: webmaster AT batteriesandcarkeys.com